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Activities for groups

Would you like to cheer up your day with a refreshing outdoor activity in the nature or with a relaxing private yoga class?

If the group members have different interests, combining the activities is possible.

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For groups

Minigolf Park

Minigolf Park

The Minigolf Park is situated on beautiful parkland near the beach. It is also right next to the reception area and Bistro Santalahti. The games here are full of fun for the whole family!
There are 18 tracks and the equipments are provided in the restaurant Bistro Santalahti within the reception area. For groups, we advise making a reservation.

Prices / round (18 tracks)

  • Adults 9 €
  • Children under 15 year 6 €


Minigolf Happy Hour -50%
Prices -50% every day in the morning before 10 a.m. and in the evening from 9 p.m. Valid during the summer season within the opening hours of Bistro Santalahti.


More information:, +358 5 260 5055
Opening hours
Online store


Santalahti’s soft and sandy cove is well-sheltered by the archipelago. It also opens out towards the sea to the south. This is the perfect location for children to show off their skills at building sand castles, and sun worshippers can choose from either the soft sand or the cooler coastal grass.
Santalahti beach also has beach-volleyball courts, toilets, changing cubicles, barbecuing and picnic areas, and a ramp that provides access to the waterline for wheelchairs and prams. The adventure track, Bistro Santalahti and Minigolf Park are in direct proximity to the shoreline.


Sup boarding


SUP board rental prices:
Starboard or RED stand-up paddleboards are available to rent. These boards are very steady and versatile; they can handle waves, cruising, yoga, rivers and much more!

  • 18 € / hour + additional hours 12 €
  • 49 € / day

3 person SUP board – Red Voyager Tandem 15′:
Included 2 high-quality adjustable paddle set (adjustment range of children-adults). Max. 3 person / board.

  • 28 € / hour + additional hours 18 €
  • 59 € / day

The rental fees include

  • A stand-up paddleboard that is ready for use, as well as a strap, a high-quality
    adjustable paddle (adjustable for children or adults) and a life jacket.
  • The use of lifejackets is voluntary, but the use of the straps is mandatory.
  • Possibility to lend a waterproof phone pouch.


More information:, +358 5 260 5055
Opening hours
Online store


The Kotka region offers many magnificent routes for bicycling! Ask for recommendations from our reception staff, who can also provide maps for various routes.

We rent out bicycles and fatbikes from the reception area except during winter time.

Electric Fatbike (Fantic Issimo Urban)

  • In the summer season 35 € / 3 hours (9-12 or 13-16 or 17-20) or 59 € / day (from morning to evening)
  • In the winter season 39 € / 11.00-16.00 (accommodation customers can keep bikes overnight)

Electric mountain bike, size M (Fantic XTF 1.5 630 or similar)

  • 69 € / day (from morning to evening)

Fat bike

  • In the summer season 10 € / hour or 35 € / day (morning to evening)
  • During the winter season 28 € / 11.00-16.00 (accommodation customers can keep bikes overnight)


  • In the summer season  5 €/ hour or 19 € / day (morning to evening)
  • During the winter season 18 € / 11.00-16.00 (accommodation customers can keep bikes overnight)


Ready cycling routes:

– Santalahti Resort – River tour (28km)
– Santalahti Resort – Kotka park tour (19km)
– Santalahti Resort – Culture tour to the Alvar Aalto’s Sunila (35km)
– Santalahti Resort – Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge (19km)

More information:, +358 5 260 5055
Opening hours
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Santalahti has two wonderful nature trails. The trails are well-marked for safety.

The Santalahti Forest Track, which is about 2,6 kilometres long, encircles the almost-untouched central part of Mussalo Island and its western beach.

The Santalahti Sea View Track winds through the island to a rocky archipelago on the southern coast, from which a sea view of the Gulf of Finland’s archipelago opens up. When the weather is good, you can even see Hogland on the Russian side. The length of the trail is about 1,8 km

The Kotka-Hamina region also offers three national parks, two of which are perfect for hiking: Valkmusa National Park in Pyhtää and Repovesi National Park in Kouvola.

Santalahti nature trail map

Santalahti Resort map PDF Topo map PDF

Snow activities

Take a trip with snowshoes on the wintery sea ice or along the snow-covered nature trails by the resort. If you want to try cross-country skiing, the track starts right next to the reception area!

Rental prices:

  • Cross country skis cost 25 € /day per set (including skis, poles and ski boots)
  • Snowshoes cost 15 € / day per set (including snowshoes, poles and gaiters)

Accommodation customers can keep their skis and snowshoes overnight for the same price.

More information:, +358 5 260 5055
Opening hours
Online store

Snow activities

Sea trips - Kotka Charter

Sea trips - Kotka Charter

New charterboat targa 32 !

Trips to the sea on Santalahti’s charter boat are available during the summer.
A sea trip to the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park or to the islands is a unique experience. There are over 400 islands off the coast of Kotka.
Looking from the sea, Kotka is a beautiful sight!

The vessel operates as a charter boat in the Kotka-Hamina-Pyhtää-Loviisa sea area. The port of departure can be agreed upon.

We have many sea trip packages, including all-inclusive packages with accommodations, Cave Sauna Spa and so on.

More information

Kotka Charter
+358 440 415 815

Sea trip packages


For children

Santalahti is good location for your family holiday! Come and enjoy your Southern Finland vacation at the Santalahti Holiday Resort!
The beach at Santalahti is shallow and safe, with an even bed of soft sand.
Even when the sun remains hidden, there is still plenty to do; for example, we provide a play room and a park for young chindren, plus miniature golf, an adventure course and beach volleyball for those who are a little older.
The diverse adventure course, which is near the swimming beach, provides action, fun and challenges for those who remain young at heart. Come see if you can tackle this course!

For children

With pets

With pets

We welcome your whole family to join the holiday. Animals are allowed in all our premises, excluding saunas and the public beach. If your pet wants to refresh themselves by swimming, we have our own place for that.
Santalahti Nature Tracks are great places to hike with dogs. In addition, we have a snack bar for dogs in our Bistro Santalahti.

More information and veterinarians’ contact information


The Kotka Golf Center’s 18- hole course fulfils international requirements and often plays host to competitions.
Santalahti’s meeting and celebration premises and cottages are located in close proximity to the golf course.

Kotka Golf Center:
+358 5 210 3700


More information:, +358 5 260 5055

Kotka golf center



The nearby Kymi River (Kymijoki) is by far the best river for rafting in South Finland! Through co-operation
with our professional rafting partner, we can help you have a day at the river that you won’t forget!


More information:, +358 5 260 5055


The Kymijoki is quite an experience!

Big salmon and sea trout run into the Kymijoki by the thousands every year. When the salmon season begins, fishermen and -women from around Southern Finland gather at Siikakoski, Ruha and Korkeakoski to try their luck and test their skills at catching the king of fish.
Whether you fish with a fly or a lure, the Kymijoki is without a doubt the best salmon-fishing river in Southern Finland.

The best fishing stories are born here – welcome to the Kymi River!
We also organize guided fishing trips with a professional co-operative partner!


More information:, +358 5 260 5055


Ski resort and bikepark

Award-winning ski center and Bikepark Mielakka serves all year round!

You can drive from Santalahti to Mielakka in 50 minutes.

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Note! Search activities for adults and children separately.
Children 0-14y

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