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Reservation terms & conditions and guidelines for customers

Owner and landlord:
Santalahti Resort Oy
Santalahdentie 150
48310 Kotka
+358 5 260 5055
Business ID 096 1304-9

We serve in both Finnish and English.

Reservation and cancellation terms and conditions

Santalahti Resort (later referred to as the Santalahti) will comply with the following terms and conditions, concerning the reservation and cancellation of accommodations, services and rentals.

1. Reservations and payment
At online booking the customer will pay the entire fee at once when booking, or can choose that the payment is due upon arrival (payment upon arrival capacity is limited). After the reservation is completed, the customer will receive a confirmation of the reservation via e-mail including the online rental terms and conditions and guidelines for customers. In addition, the customer will receive a receipt of the payment if the payment was done when booking.

Reservations made by phone or e-mail are paid by the customer in total amount by an invoice beforehand or by the latest at check-in when arriving to Santalahti.

For travel agency reservations booking fee is 20 % of the total price. Booking fee must be paid immediately after the reservation. Booking fee is not refunded. Final payment must be paid by the latest 30 days before arrival.

Group accommodation reservations are usually charged beforehand partially or in its entirety.

Reservations for accommodations or meetings/events under the age of 18, must provide the guardian’s approval and contact details for the booking.

Santalahti Resort reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards prior to check-in. The security deposit covers additional cleaning costs as well as possible damage to the goods. The security deposit will be refunded upon check-out providing Santalahti Resort has no reason to charge this amount in partially or in its entirety. Security deposit is 50% of the price of the accommodation.

Payment services provider
Payment service provider and operator is Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Corporation is displayed payee’s account statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail corporation has a payment institution license. In reclamations, we ask you to contact the product vendor.

Paytrail Corporation, business identity code: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakko Square 7
40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Phone: +358 207 181830

2. Driving directions and opening hours
Driving direction maps and the Santalahti opening hours can be found on the Santalahti web pages

3. Arrival
The keys are handed to the customer upon showing the email reservation confirmation at check-in. Customer pays the entire fee in total amount  with invoice in advance or by latest upon arrival at the reception.

The keys are handed over to the customer at a time of period that is informed in the reservetion terms. During rental periods outside the summer season, when the reception is not open around the clock, the keys can be handed over by agreement. » Check reception opening hours

Accommodation arrival / check-in times:

  • Holiday cottages 16 -, 20 – and 32 m2, from 3 p.m. onwards.
  • Apartments 130m2 and Villa Aava from 5 p.m. onwards.
  • Tree accommodation and camping places, from 12 p.m. onwards.

Customers need to inform Santalahti in advance if  arrival time is later than 8 p.m. If late arrival has not been informed in advance, Santalahti has a right to rent the property forward.

Additional instructions for customer on the hall walls of premises.

4. Residence and equipment
Detailed descriptions of the properties’ equipment is available on the Santalahti web page

During the holiday rental period, the customer is personally responsible for any cleaning tasks.

A cleaning service is also possible against payment ordered separately.

Silence in Santalahti area between 22:00-07:00. Disturbing behaviour at any time is prohibited and Santalahti has the right to evict such customers without refunding the payment.

The charges collected for opening doors is 0€ when the reception is open, and 50 € at other times. In so far as a key is misplaced or lost, the actual costs incurred as a result of changing the locks and the making of new keys will be collected from the customer.

5. Departure
The keys are to be returned to the reception of Santalahti by 12 p.m. on the day of departure.

At the end of the retal period the customer must make sure that the equipment of the location is in their correct place, any rubbish has been taken out to the dumpster, the lights are switched off, the windows are closed and all of the doors are locked.

Detailed guidelines concerning departure procedures from the premises are available on the hallway wall of the premises.

6. Smoking and pets
Smoking is prohibited inside all premises at all times. In the event of unauthorized smoking inside the premises, a fixed charge of 500 € will be collected and in addition, the rental cost (according to the price list) of the premises in question will continue to be collected until the smell of the tobacco has been removed.

Pets are permitted, but the customer must ensure that the pets do not dirty or damage the premises. Pets are not allowed to go on beds or sofas of the premises.

Santalahti is not responsible for allergies, e.g. problems caused to guests as a result of any possible smoking or animal dander etc.

7. The number of people
The number of beds available at the premises also refer to the maximum amount of people who are allowed to stay at the premises. The use of a tent or other accommodation in the grounds of the premises are prohibited.

8. Compensation for damages
The customer is obliged to compensate any damages caused to the Santalahti premises or its contents and damages resulting in the loss of rental income.

9. Possible complaints
All comments and complaints concerning the equipment and condition of rented premises must be informed immediately to Santalahti and thus give Santalahti an opportunity to remedy the situation.
If the matter is not corrected, the customer should give a written complaint to Santalahti. This must be done within one month of the end of the reservation period.

If the customer and Santalahti are unable to come to an agreement, the customer can refer the matter to the Consumer Complaint Board for further handling. Possible trials and/or legal proceedings are carried out in Finland and if possible at the district court of Kymenlaakso.

10. Cancellations
All cancellations must be made in written in Finnish or in English to Santalahti by e-mail to address . Santalahti will confirm cancellation by e-mail. Cancellation is accepted when Santalahti has confirmed the cancellation. An unpaid invoice is not a cancellation. Changing the reservation is also interpreted as a cancellation.

Payment by arrvial -reservations of one premise (excluding Villa Aava, look for special terms of the Villa beneath):

Cancellation of 1-6 night reservations

  • More than 7 days to the beginning of reservation – No charges
  • 7-2 days to the beginning of reservation – Charge 50 % of the agreed price
  • Less then 2 days to the beginning of the reservation – Charge 100 % of the agreed price

Cancellation of over 6 night reservations

  • more than 21 days to the beginning of the reservation – No charges
  • 21-14 days to the beginning of the reservation – Charge 50 % of the agreed price
  • less then 14 days to the beginning of the reservation – Charge 100 % of the agreed price

Paid, one premise reservations:

Cancellation of paid one permise reservations

  • more then 21 days to the beginning of the reservation – 10 % of total price + 30 € delivery charge from the charge of the agreed price
  • less then 21 days before the beginning of the reservation – Charge 100 % of the agreed price

Group reservations and Villa Aava:

The terms beneath are  used to the reservations of Villa Aava and group reservations.
Group reservation = more then one permises and/or one of the following: cave sauna world, VIP-sauna reservation, meeting- / eventreservations, catering reservation, programme through Santalahtis co-operation partners.

Cancellation of group reservations and Villa Aava

  • more than 28 days to the beginning of the reservation – No charges / from prepaid reservations 10 % of total price + 30 € delivery charge
  • 28-14 days to the beginning of the reservation – Charge 50 % of the agreed price
  • less then 14 days to the beginning of the reservation – Charge 100 % of the agreed price

Individual activity bookings and family sauna bookings:

The customer has the opportunity to cancel or transfer an individual reservation for a family sauna, activity or rental equipment free of charge no later than 14:00 on the previous day.
There is no charge for the transfer of prepaid reservations if the pricing is the same. Transfer is possible for a maximum of 7 days from the original booking date. Refunds will incur a € 30 processing fee.

Gift cards and serial cards:

The buyer of a gift or serial card has the right to cancel the gift card order made through the seller’s online store free of charge within 14 days of the buyer’s receipt of the gift card. Any postage will not be refundedHowever, there is no right to a refund if the gift card has already been used. The buyer must return the gift card upon cancellation of the order. Unused gift cards will not be exchanged for cash.


All cancellations are interpreted by the cancellation terms above whatever the cause may be. We recommend travel insurance for our customers to cover cases of illness or accidents.

In foreign payments possible bank fees will be cut down from refundable sum.

11. Rights of Santalahti to reservation cancellation
If the customer has not payed the invoice by due date Santalahti has the right to cancel the reservation.

In the case of a force majeure, Santalahti may dissolve the agreement. Santalahti is obligated to inform the customer immediately.
The customer is at that time entitled to obtain the total amount of their paid rent from Santalahti in total.

Santalahti is not responsible for any errors found in their brochures / internet pages. We reserve the right to make changes after the printing of brochures and the updating of the Internet pages.

12. Protection and maintenance of customer information
Santalahti protects all customer information. Information of customers stays’ is keept by maximum three (3) years. The professional confidentiality of staff at Santalahti covers all customer information. Santalahti does not give out the contact information of the customers.


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