Let’s take care of nature
Responsible Santalahti

Let’s take care of nature
Responsible Santalahti


  • +200 bed
  • 5 star camping
  • For groups
  • catering
  • activities
  • Pet friendly

Waste and recycling

Santalahti’s recycling points: mixed waste, bio, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and paper

There are several recycling points in the Santalahti Resort area

Waste and recycling instructions

Other recyclable waste



We are a 100% Finnish family business founded in 1991, see our story

Tourism in Santalahti is based on the nature of the archipelago in the Gulf of Finland and responsible activities. We have always taken into account the surrounding nature already in the planning phase of investments, so that sensitive nature is preserved with as few landscape modifications as possible.

Green Key

We participate in the Green Key responsibility program.

Green Key is the world’s leading sustainability program and certificate in the tourism industry.

Suistanable Travel Finland

We are part of Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland program.

Certification of the STF mark is planned for autumn 2023.


  • Responsible actions are taken into consideration in all of Santalahti’s decisions, and improvement keeps continuing
  • 95% of the buildings have a heating system of geothermal heating and air-source heat pump
  • We use electricity produced from renewable energy
  • The cottage area and the campsite have solar panel systems that are connected to the electricity grid, any surplus will be sold on
  • The buildings have an energy-saving automatized home/away-control for heating, ventilation and water
  • The energy efficiency of the building has been improved by thermal insulation on the past few years
  • Indoors and outdoors lighting has been updated to energy-saving led technology
  • Water consumption is under surveillance, the regular water monitoring has started in 1995
  • Recycling: mixed waste, bio, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and paper
  • Customers are supported to waste management and recycling
  • Unnecessary textile changes are reduced to save water
  • Environmentally harmful chemical usage is minimized
  • Local products and services are supported
  • Our customers are given a possibility for environmentally friendly transportation by renting bicycles
  • Our employees have the opportunity to work remotely when possible
  • Our business partners are expected to work responsibly
  • There is a defibrillator (heart pacemaker) at the reception/Bistro

Financial responsibility

  • Santalahti Resort’s financial responsibility is primarily based on profitable business, which enables the payment of salaries to employees, making investments and increasing year-round jobs.
  • Profitable business also enables the realization of environmentally and socially responsible goals

Social responsibility

  • Santalahti Resort’s social responsibility is based on compliance with laws and regulations
  • We are a 100% family business and pay taxes to Finland
  • We use local services and products and hire local staff where possible
  • We strive to develop year-round business and increasing year-round jobs supports our corporate social responsibility
  • We demand equal acceptance and treatment of people
  • We do not accept racism in any form and we support absolute equality and gender equality
  • All customers are welcome to us, regardless of their country of origin, citizenship, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, physical limitations or sensory limitations


  • Only a bit over an hour’s drive to the Helsinki metropolitan area
  • Good public transportation from other cities to Kotka by using busses or trains
  • Santalahti Resort is about 6 km from Kotka Center, the whole way has good non-motorized traffic routes
  • Both Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Lappeenranta Airport are about an hour away, no need for continuation flight or long travels by land
  • Local bus connections

Waste management and recycling

  • Santalahti’s recycling points: mixed waste, bio, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and paper
  • Kymen Vesi offers modern sewage management and high quality drinking water
  • Kotkan Energia offers a modern waste incinerator and power plant
Get to know the 'Sustainable Finland Pledge' - the commitment of a responsible traveler