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Let’s take care of nature
Responsible Santalahti

Let’s take care of nature
Responsible Santalahti


  • +200 bed
  • 5 star camping
  • For groups
  • catering
  • activities
  • Pet friendly


  • Responsible actions are taken into consideration in all of Santalahti’s decisions, and improvement keeps continuing
  • 95% of the buildings have a heating system of geothermal heating and air-source heat pump
  • We use electricity produced from renewable energy
  • The cottage area and the campsite have solar panel systems that are connected to the electricity grid, any surplus will be sold on
  • The buildings have an energy-saving automatized home/away-control for heating, ventilation and water
  • The energy efficiency of the building has been improved by thermal insulation on the past few years
  • Indoors and outdoors lighting has been updated to energy-saving led technology
  • Water consumption is under surveillance, the regular water monitoring has started in 1995
  • Recycling is being improved within possibilities
  • Customers are supported to waste management and recycling
  • Unnecessary textile changes are reduced to save water
  • Environmentally harmful chemical usage is minimized
  • Local products and services are supported
  • Our customers are given a possibility for environmentally friendly transportation by renting bicycles
  • Our employees have the opportunity to work remotely when possible
  • Our business partners are expected to work responsibly

Financial responsibility

  • Santalahti Resort’s financial responsibility is primarily based on profitable business, which enables the payment of salaries to employees, making investments and increasing year-round jobs.
  • Profitable business also enables the realization of environmentally and socially responsible goals

Social responsibility

  • Santalahti Resort’s social responsibility is based on compliance with laws and regulations
  • We are a 100% family business and pay taxes to Finland
  • We use local services and products and hire local staff where possible
  • We strive to develop year-round business and increasing year-round jobs supports our corporate social responsibility
  • We demand equal acceptance and treatment of people
  • We do not accept racism in any form and we support absolute equality and gender equality


  • Only a bit over an hour’s drive to the Helsinki metropolitan area
  • Good public transportation from other cities to Kotka by using busses or trains
  • Santalahti Resort is about 6 km from Kotka Center, the whole way has good non-motorized traffic routes
  • Both Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Lappeenranta Airport are about an hour away, no need for continuation flight or long travels by land

Waste management and recycling

  • Kymen Vesi offers modern sewage management and high quality drinking water
  • Kotkan Energia offers a modern waste incinerator and power plant
  • Closest RINKI waste management stations for sorting waste is 3 km away


Open waste management instruction

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