Activities for groups

Would you like to cheer up your day with a refreshing outdoor activity in the nature or with a relaxing private yoga class? If the group members have different interests, combining the activities is possible.

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Let’s organize a perfect day in Santalahti Resort for your whole group.



Sound bowl relaxation

The gentle sound of the sound bowls lingers for a long time, and their chords will relax and soothe your body. The vibrations of the sound bowls resonate in our body fluids, all the way down to the cellular fluids.


A private yoga-class in Santalahti Resort, that has a goal of relaxing both body and mind. Yoga strengthens and stretches the muscles through calm moves.

Nature Spa Santalahti

Popular !

At the end of the evening, a traditional Finnish smoked sauna, a glass-roofed Santa Glass Sauna, and warm water pools and a cold water pool with a sea view. Santalahti’s absolute hit product, you can’t miss this sauna experience.

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Flower workshop

Learn to make modern wreaths and flower crowns from real flowers.



Teambuilding games

Different kinds of teambuilding games and tasks to cheer up the day.


Karting is suitable for all speed-loving groups. Karting hall is located about 30 minutes from Santalahti Resort.


Flight tunnel

Flight experience for the whole group! Includes an introduction to flying by an experienced flight instructor, equipment and 30 minutes of flying, divided between 7-12 people. Located about 30 minutes from Santalahti Resort.


Surfing with an instructor. Includes instruction on indoor surfing, safety training and boards. In the class, you will have time to learn the basics of bodyboarding and flowboarding. Located about 30 minutes from Santalahti Resort.


Outdoor activities

Kotka Charter seatrips - Targa 32



Over 400 islands around Kotka awaits! Santalahti Resort’s own captain takes you to sea on a 9-seating Targa 32 boat.

Seatrip packages


Alternatives are kayaking, hiking, or SUP-boarding in the wonderful nature areas of Santalahti Resort!
The trip can be crowned with soot pot coffee in the heart of nature!


Alternatives include snowshoeing, skiing or gliding snowshoe hiking in Santalahti Resort’s wonderful nature areas or on the sea ice!
The trip can be crowned with soot pot coffee in the heart of nature!

Practice Golf

Learn to stroke in golf. An instructor teaches the basics on golf, and guides with the strokes on a practice field.


Rafting in the Kymi River is a unique experience. Kymi River is about 20 minutes from Santalahti Resort.

Nature excursion

Getting to know Finnish nature better through a guide. Learn to recognize birds, trees and maybe find mushroom in the forest.

Outdoor training

Different kind of muscle training and stretching done while walking in the nature.

Fishing in the sea and river

Our carefully selected fishing service partners serve in the Gulf of Finland and Kymijoki river. Ask more!



Wine tasting

Tasting wines, and learning about different wine types from a professional.

Cooking class

Learn the secrets of Finnish cooking from a professional chef.

Grilled delicacies

In the traditional finnish Lappish Shelter for 30 people. Depending on your choice, with guidance, on your own or conjured by a professional chef.


Independent activities

Beach volley

Santalahti Resort’s beach volley fields are ready for players. You can lend a volley ball from the reception.


Minigolf Park right at the beach. The equipment are provided within the reception.


We offer different kinds of games to lend, for example Pétanque and a Finnish game called Mölkky.

Nature tracks

Two 2,5 km nature tracks circle the beautiful nature of Santalahti Resort through the forest to an open achipelago. Maps are available in the reception.

Snowshoes and cross country skis

During the winter season, you can go to the nature tracks with snow shoes or go skiing to the ski track starting from Santalahti. Equipment are rented from the reception.


Santalahti beach is a perfect place to go SUP-boarding and circle around the bay to the sea. Equipment are rented from the reception.



Right next to Santalahti Resort is Kotka Golf Center, an 18-hole golf course fills international requirements.