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With pets

With pets

Stay in Santalahti Resort with your pets!

Pets are welcome in our every accommodation type without additional fees.

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Beautiful hiking terrains

City of the parks, Kotka

Dogs are welcome to the marketplaces and parks in Kotka!

Bistro Santalahti – animal friendly restaurant in Santalahti Resort

  • Bistro Santalahti is Santalahti Resort’s own restaurant and welcomes pets together with their owners to enjoy time on our terraces. We also have a snack bar for dogs.

Dog friendly swimming places

Dogs are not allowed in the public beaches, but there are multiple places dogs can refresh themselves by swimming in the sea.

  • Beaches by the Santalahti Nature Tracks and Santalahti beach path (can be found from the area map of Santalahti Resort)
  • Katariinanniemi dog beach

Dog massagers and trimming

Dog massager and trimmer
Koirahuolto Hopeatassu Ky.
Mäyränkatu 3, 48770 Kotka
Tel. +358 40 839326

Dog massager
Koirantähden Oy
Tel. +358 40 701 9658

Kymenlaaksonkatu 28, 48100 Kotka
Tel. +358 40 768 5510

Veterinarians in Kotka

Alatie 108 B, 49200 Heinlahti

Open Monday to Friday 8.00 to 16.00
(from Monday to Wednesday) Elina Välimäki / Essi Pietilä
(from Thursday to Friday) Nelli Gartman, tel. +358 44 767 6710

Veterinarian Naziko Kessaeva, tel. +358 40 025 4106

Private veterinarian
Eläinklinikka Tassula
Karhulantie 21, 48600 Kotka
Tel. +358 400 322 686

Veterinarian on call duty in case of emergency, weekdays 16.00 to 8.00 and on weekends, tel. +358 600 15253
The address of the on-duty veterinarian depends on who is on call duty.
– Pyhtää: Alatie 108 E (Heinlahti, Pyhtää)
– Hamina: Teollisuuskatu 16 B (Hevoshaka, Hamina)
– Virolahti: Mäkitie 2 B (Virojoki)
– Miehikkälä: Hauhiantie 1 (Miehikkälän kirkonkylä)

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