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» Review us

"Wahoo it was cool
I love the way it was organised”

”If I could I would stay here forever”

Location, forest around"

”Excellent place for big family weekend
Magnificent views. Quiet. Peaseful. Comfortable. So good for people. Excellent place for spending time with lovely dogs. Excellent price/quality ratio.”

”Nature at your doorstep
Santalahti is the most tranquil place, so beautifully situated among the trees, overlooking the sandy beach and sea.
There's nothing better than waking upp in the morning, going to the sauna, warming upp. And then cooling down with a dip in the sea!
The golf course is stunningly beautiful, a must experience!
I enjoyed seeing the white cheeked  geese, but didn't like their  poop...
I was also surprised that me and my sisters bed was a twin bed? Why  not two singles? Hutt 109...”

”Beautiful spot on the beach
Cabins very well spaced from each other. Not huge but well kitted out. Lovely area”

Olga      Saint-Petersburg
"Beautiful view. Silence and peace. Nothing will bother you."

Artem      St. Petersburg
“Great price! Great view! Super people!”

Irina      Saint-Petersburg
"It really the best way to spent 1-2 nights in long travel with family."

Darius      Saint Petersbourg
"All is well"

Alexei      St. Petersburg
"Lovely quiet location. Summer - a place for swimming, in the winter - beautiful skiing on the golf course. "

Konstantin      Moscow
"Calm, quite and beautiful place. Clean and cozy cottages (we stayed in that with sauna, 32 m2). Ideal for walks/skiing."

Natalya      St. Petersburg
"Everything :)) I like this place very much!"

Alexander      Sankt-Peterburg
"I stayed in 3+2 cottage with sauna. Outdoor temperature was about 2 degree under zero, but indoor is worm. Kitchen equipment is quite good, radio, TV, small and likely sauna - all this facilities for you best mood. On seaside (rugthly 200 meters) we found childcort."

Xenia      St.Peretersburg
"This hotel is very comfortable and relaxed. Beautiful views, sure version for any company."

“Nice place for a family holiday. There is everything for the good weekend with family."

"Beautiful scenery, near the lake. Playgrounds. Many barbecues with free firewood."

"Nice hotel, friendly staff. A cozy cottage with kitchen: stove, refrigerator, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, dishwasher machin. Sauna great. Nature is super! "

"The hotel is nice, quiet, comfortable, everything you need is there."



Owner and landlord: 

Santalahti Resort  * * * * *
Santalomat Oy
Santalahdentie 150
48310 Kotka
Tel: +358 (0)5 260 5055
Business ID 096 1304-9

We serve in both Finnish and English.

1. Reservation and cancellation terms and conditions
Santalahti Resort (later referred to as the holiday resort or Santalahti) will comply with the following terms and conditions, concerning the online reservations and cancellations.

2. Reservations and payment
The customer will pay the entire fee at once when booking, or can choose that the payment is due upon arrival. After the reservation is completed, the customer will receive a confirmation of the reservation via email and the online rental terms and conditions and guidelines for customers. In addition, the customer will receive a receipt of the payment if the payment was done when booking.

Guest have to show the email reservation confirmation on arrival at check-in.

3. Driving directions and opening hours
Driving direction maps and the Santalahti opening hours can be found on the Santalahti web page.

4. Arrival
Guests have to show the email reservation confirmation on arrival at check-in.
The keys are handed over to the customer at an agreed time. During rental periods outside the summer season, when the reception is not open around the clock, the keys can be handed over by agreement. » Check reception opening hours
Accommodation arrival times:
•    Holiday cottages 16 -, 20 - and 32 m2, from 3 p.m. onwards.
•    Apartments and villas 130-400m2 from 5 p.m. onwards.
•    Tree accommodation and camping places, from 12 p.m. onwards.
Additional guidelines for residents are attached on the vestibule wall.

5. Residence and equipment
Detailed descriptions of the equipment of the holiday resort is available on the Santalahti web page.
During the holiday rental period, the customer is personally responsible for any cleaning tasks. A cleaning service is also possible, ordered separately.
In so far as a key is misplaced or lost, the actual costs incurred as a result of changing the locks and the making of new keys will be collected from the customer. The charges collected for opening doors is 0€ when the reception is open, and 50 € at other times.

6. Departure
The keys are to be returned to the Santalahti reception by 12.00 on the day of departure.
The customer must take care, when leaving the resort, that the equipment of the location is in its correct place, any garbage has been dealt with, the lights are switched off, the windows are closed and all of the doors are locked.
Detailed guidelines concerning departure procedures from the location are available on the wall of the vestibule of the resort.

7. Smoking and pets
Smoking is prohibited inside the premises. In the event of unauthorized smoking inside the premises, a charge of 500 € will be collected and in addition, the rental cost of the holiday resort, according to the price list, will continue to be collected until the smell of the tobacco has been removed.
Pets are permitted in the resort, but the customer must ensure that the pets do not dirt or damage the premises. Pets are not allowed onto the saunas, beds or sofas.
Santalahti is not responsible for allergies, e.g. problems caused to customers, as a result of any possible smoking or animal dander etc.

8. The number of people
The number of beds available at the holiday resort also refers to the maximum amount of people who are allowed to stay at the location. The use of a tent or other accommodation in the grounds of the premises is prohibited.

9. Compensation for damages
The customer is obliged to pay for any damages caused to the holiday resort or its contents and damages resulting in the loss of rental income.

10. Possible complaints
All comments and complaints concerning the equipment and condition of the holiday resort must be directed immediately to the Santalahti. In so far as the matter is not corrected, the client may then make a written complaint to the Santalahti. This must be done within one month of the end of the reservation period. If the customer and Santalahti are unable to come to an agreement, the customer can refer the matter to the Consumer Complaint Board for further handling.

11. Cancellations
All cancellations must be made in writing in Finnish or in English to Santalahti by email to address . Santalahti will confirm cancellation by e-mail. Cancellation will be considered as made when Santalahti has confirmed the cancellation.

Payment upon arrival -reservations:
1-6 day reservations
•    Free cancellation more than 7 days before the start of the reservation.
•    Cancellation later than 7 days before the start of the reservation, 50% of the rent will be charged.
•    Cancellation later than 2 days before the start of the reservation, 100% of the rent will be charged.
Over 6 day reservations
•    Free cancellation more than 21 days before the start of the reservation.
•    Cancellation later than 21 days before the start of the reservation, 50% of the rent will be charged.
•    Cancellation later than 14 days before the start of the reservation, 100% of the rent will be charged.

Paid reservations:
•    10% of the rental price and a service charge of 30 € will be charged for every cancellation.
•    If the cancellation is made later than 21 days before the start of the reservation, 100 % of the rent will be charged.

We recommend that customers take out insurance to allow for the occurrences of unexpected illnesses or accidents reference.
The customer has the right to receive the rental amount that they have paid to Santalahti, with the exception of the 10% cancellation charge and 30€ service charge, in so far as the cancellation is due to a reason that the client or someone living in their collective economy is a victim of a sudden illness, serious accident or death. In that event, the cancellation must be notified without delay and proof must be demonstrated in a natural way (medical certificate, etc.). In so far as the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the start of the reservation period, the above mentioned cancellation terms and conditions will be applied and the possible payment will not be reimbursed.

In foreign payments possible bank fees will be cut down from refundable sum.

12. The rights of Santalahti to cancel a reservation
In the case of a force majeure, Santalahti may terminate an agreement. Santalahti is obligated to inform the customer immediately. The customer is at that time entitled to obtain the total amount of their paid rent from Santalahti in full.

Santalahti is not responsible for any errors found in their brochures / internet pages. We reserve the right to make changes after the printing of brochures and the updating of the Internet pages.

Santalahti may use contact informations in their direct marketing and e-newsletter.
The contact information is not given to other parties.
Please let us know if you don´t want to have your contact information in Santalahti marketing register.

Online Reservation

Children 0-14 years:
Campaign Code:

Cheapest price guarantee!

Online Reservation

Children 0-14 years:
Campaign Code:

Cheapest price guarantee!