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Best in travel 2017
» Lonely Planet
Best Trips 2017
» National Geographic
Finland is the new Nordic hotspot for wellbeing
» Evening Standard UK 13.12.2016
Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World
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» Review us

"Wahoo it was cool
I love the way it was organised”

”If I could I would stay here forever”

Location, forest around"

”Excellent place for big family weekend
Magnificent views. Quiet. Peaseful. Comfortable. So good for people. Excellent place for spending time with lovely dogs. Excellent price/quality ratio.”

”Nature at your doorstep
Santalahti is the most tranquil place, so beautifully situated among the trees, overlooking the sandy beach and sea.
There's nothing better than waking upp in the morning, going to the sauna, warming upp. And then cooling down with a dip in the sea!
The golf course is stunningly beautiful, a must experience!
I enjoyed seeing the white cheeked  geese, but didn't like their  poop...
I was also surprised that me and my sisters bed was a twin bed? Why  not two singles? Hutt 109...”

”Beautiful spot on the beach
Cabins very well spaced from each other. Not huge but well kitted out. Lovely area”

Olga      Saint-Petersburg
"Beautiful view. Silence and peace. Nothing will bother you."

Artem      St. Petersburg
“Great price! Great view! Super people!”

Irina      Saint-Petersburg
"It really the best way to spent 1-2 nights in long travel with family."

Darius      Saint Petersbourg
"All is well"

Alexei      St. Petersburg
"Lovely quiet location. Summer - a place for swimming, in the winter - beautiful skiing on the golf course. "

Konstantin      Moscow
"Calm, quite and beautiful place. Clean and cozy cottages (we stayed in that with sauna, 32 m2). Ideal for walks/skiing."

Natalya      St. Petersburg
"Everything :)) I like this place very much!"

Alexander      Sankt-Peterburg
"I stayed in 3+2 cottage with sauna. Outdoor temperature was about 2 degree under zero, but indoor is worm. Kitchen equipment is quite good, radio, TV, small and likely sauna - all this facilities for you best mood. On seaside (rugthly 200 meters) we found childcort."

Xenia      St.Peretersburg
"This hotel is very comfortable and relaxed. Beautiful views, sure version for any company."

“Nice place for a family holiday. There is everything for the good weekend with family."

"Beautiful scenery, near the lake. Playgrounds. Many barbecues with free firewood."

"Nice hotel, friendly staff. A cozy cottage with kitchen: stove, refrigerator, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, dishwasher machin. Sauna great. Nature is super! "

"The hotel is nice, quiet, comfortable, everything you need is there."

Spend the night in a tree - Santalahti * * * * *

Tentsile tree tents are an ecological, safe and comfortable way to lodge.
The tents are attached to dense pine trees at Santalahti's five-star camping site.
Tent is fully waterproof.

We also rent pillows, towels and summer sleeping bags.

Accommodation prices

Through Online reservation you will find the cheapest prices!

  • 1-2 person package "Tentsile Connect"  95€ / day total. *
  • 1-3 person package"Tentsile Stingray" 125 € / day total. *

Prices include:
- Tent pre-installed and instructions.
- Camping fees ***** to the campsite. » Discover
- Morning saunas during summer season. » Discover

Renting period 12 p.m.-12 p.m.

Tents are not rented out of Santalahti.

* During Midsummer festivals 22-24.6.2018 and Kotka Maritime festivals 27-29.7.2018, 20 € / person / night will be added to the prices.

» Santalahti Camping *****

Additional Services at Santalahti

  • "Tentsile Trillium Hammock" hangout oasis for 3 persons 39 € / day. Camping fee is not included the price.
  • Summer sleeping bag + pillow set 25 € / person / accommodation period or buy a sleeping bag of your own for 59 €.
  • Cushion rental 4 €.
  • Breakfast 12 €.
  • A general smokesauna during the summer on Wednesdays.
  • Activities rental: bicycles, fatbikes, electric-assisted fatbikes and SUP boards.
  • Activities at Santalahti: Marked nature trails, miniature golf, golf course and beach volleyball.

Buy Tentsile for yourself at Santalahti

  • "Tentsile Connect" for 2 people for 495 €
  • "Tentsile Stingray" for 3 people for 695 €
  • "Tentsile Trillium Hammock" hangout oasis for 3 people 280 €

Prices are for new tents. In the autumn we sell used tents for -30%.

Contact  +358 5 260 5055 /



Trillium Hammock


Santalahti webcam - north view to caravan park

» Show all Santalahti live webcams

Picture gallery - Santalahti Camping *****


Online Reservation

Children 0-14 years:
Campaign Code:

Cheapest price guarantee!

Online Reservation

Children 0-14 years:
Campaign Code:

Cheapest price guarantee!