Бронь Меню

Let’s take care of nature
Responsible Santalahti

Let’s take care of nature
Responsible Santalahti


  • +200 bed
  • 5 star camping
  • For groups
  • catering
  • activities
  • Pet friendly

Coronavirus information

The safety of our customers is very important to us!

Please remember to follow the instructions and regulations of the authorities!
You must not come to Santalahti if you have been exposed to the coronavirus or are in quarantine. It endangers the safety of other customers and staff.

Is it safe to travel to Santalahti?
The accommodation services of Santalahti Resort are open and we serve our clients in the best possible way.
Santalahti is surrounded by nature. All accommodations have their own entrance and guests do not have to contact staff or other guests.
Cleaning has been stepped up and we have increased hand disinfectant. Hand washing instructions are also available in all our public toilets. We strive to extend the time between guests at the accommodation.

Cancellations are subject to the Santalahti Booking and rental terms

Changes and cancellations of group reservations in case of assembly restrictions
In case the Finnish authorities set restrictions for group assemblies, it is possible to change the date for group reservations without any additional charges. The change must be informed via e-mail (groups@santalahti.fi) to Santalahti at least over 7 days before the reservation starts and the new reservation should start at least 6 months after restrictions end.

If you change the reservation less than 7 days before your reservation starts or you cancel the whole reservation, normal cancellation terms will be applied.

Group reservation means more than one accomodation unit and/or includes one of the followings separately: cave sauna spa, vip sauna for groups, reservation for a meeting or party, catering-reservation, reseration for group activities.


  • Responsible actions are taken into consideration in all of Santalahti’s decisions, and improvement keeps continuing
  • Over 70% of the buildings have a heating system of geothermal heating and air-source heat pump
  • We use electricity produced from renewable energy
  • The cottage area and the campsite have solar panel systems that are connected to the electricity grid, any surplus will be sold on
  • The buildings have an energy-saving automatized home/away-control for heating, ventilation and water
  • The energy efficiency of the building has been improved by thermal insulation on the past few years
  • Indoors and outdoors lighting has been updated to energy-saving led technology
  • Water consumption is under surveillance, the regular water monitoring has started in 1995
  • Recycling is being improved within possibilities
  • Customers are supported to waste management and recycling
  • Unnecessary textile changes are reduced to save water
  • Environmentally harmful chemical usage is minimized
  • Local products and services are supported
  • Our customers are given a possibility for environmentally friendly transportation by renting bicycles
  • Our employees have the opportunity to work remotely when possible
  • Our business partners are expected to work responsibly


  • Only a bit over an hour’s drive to the Helsinki metropolitan area
  • Good public transportation from other cities to Kotka by using busses or trains
  • Santalahti Resort is about 6 km from Kotka Center, the whole way has good non-motorized traffic routes
  • Both Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Lappeenranta Airport are about an hour away, no need for continuation flight or long travels by land


Waste management and recycling

  • Kymen Vesi offers modern sewage management and high quality drinking water
  • Kotkan Energia offers a modern waste incinerator and power plant
  • Closest RINKI waste management stations for sorting waste is 3 km away


Open waste management instruction


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